Welcome to Student Services

“The mission of the Hoffman Estates Student Services Department is to inspire and empower ALL students and to provide opportunities that will realize and reach their maximum potential through the development of social, emotional, academic, and vocational skills. We will nurture, advocate for, and facilitate growth of our student body by cultivating relationships with students, parents, teachers, and community in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment.”

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Student Services Department
Phone Number: 847-755-5630

Name Phone Email
Andres Acosta (Social Worker) 847-755-5635aacosta@d211.org
Jennifer L. Beers (Student Services Director) 847-755-5626jbeers@d211.org
Susan A. Blocker (Speech Therapist) 847-755-5839sblocker@d211.org
Vasilike Bolos (Psychologist - Temp) vbolos@d211.org
Sabrina S. Braaten (Counselor) 847-755-5644sbraaten@d211.org
Angelica Cordova-Rajoo (Counselor) 847-755-5643acordovarajoo@d211.org
Marchell D. Goins (Counselor) 847-755-5645mgoins@d211.org
Kathleen Grover (Occupational Therapist) 847-755-5839kgrover@d211.org
Kelly Hernandez (Psychologist) 847-755-5637khernandez@d211.org
Scott B. Hoeft (Guidance Department Chair) 847-755-5651shoeft@d211.org
Cindy Jordan (Career Advisor) 847-755-5657cjordan@d211.org
Margaret King (Social Worker) 847-755-5655mwking@d211.org
Dawn A. Leach (Nurse) 847-755-5662dleach@d211.org
Ashley N. Lobb (CRT Operator) 847-755-5633alobb@d211.org
Maria Luciani (Speech Therapist) 847-755-5838mluciani@d211.org
Nicole L. Macy-Robertson (Assistive Technology Coordinator) nmacyrobertson@d211.org
Maureen Mann (Counselor) 847-755-5642mmann@d211.org
Rebecca A. Mattioli (Counselor) 847-755-5647rmattioli@d211.org
Paulette E. Miller (Psychologist) 847-755-5638pmiller@d211.org
Michael J. Murphy (Counselor) 847-755-5646mmurphy@d211.org
Jennifer Nieft (Social Worker) 847-755-5634jnieft@d211.org
Charlene M. Okigawa (Student Services Clerk) 847-755-5836cokigawa@d211.org
Lilia G. Ramirez (Counselor) 847-755-5648lramirez@d211.org
Carlota Rodelo (Psychologist) 847-755-5923crodelo@d211.org
Kimberly A. Shirahama (Nurse's Secretary) 847-755-5663kshirahama@d211.org
Grace S. Sordini (Bilingual Translator) 847-755-5669gsordini@d211.org
Tina Spitalli (Secretary, Student Services Director) 847-755-5627tspitalli@d211.org
Michelle Stephens (Counselor) 847-755-5641mstephens@d211.org
Jeanette Wernert (Registrar) 847-755-5628jwernert@d211.org