Daily Announcements

National Library Week

  Celebrate National Library Week by entering our “Guess the Book” contest & jelly bean contest. Read the following passage & come to the library to fill out a form for both contests: “He points away, toward my family’s tree lot. From up here it looks like a small, softly lit rectangle. The lampposts and snowflakes that link between the trees brighten their deep green. There’s the Bigtop and the silver trailer. I can see bodies move between the trees, a mix of customers, workers, and maybe Mom and Dad. Caleb slides behind me again and (more…)

Famous Author Coming to HEHS!

  Highly acclaimed author, Jay Asher of “Thirteen Reasons Why” and “What Light” will be at the HEHS Media Center on Thursday, April 20 (B-Day) at 8:00 a.m. If you would like to attend, but have a regularly scheduled class 1st block/B-day, please see Mrs. Berkowitz in the Media Center for a permission slip.