Career Trek

Career Treks and Speakers  2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR


HE Police Explorers Speaker – Lisa Notarnicola      Thursday, September 8  (B Day)          Media Center /Police

Stonegate Banquet Centre                                             Weds. September 14th (B Day)            Event Planning/ Hospitality/Culinary Limit 10

St. Alexius Medical Center- Surgical Robotics          Weds. September 21st (A Day)             Surgery/ Robotics/ Engineering  Limit 10

Claire’s International Headquarters                           Weds. September 28th (B Day)            Fashion Merchandising



WT Engineering                                                              Weds. October 12th (A Day)                  Engineering Fields

ST. Alexius Genetic Counselor                                     Friday, October 14th (A Day)                Health Care/Genetics

Flexera                                                                               Thursday, October 13th (B Day)          IT / Business

Trace Labs                                                                        Monday,  October 24th (A Day)            Engineering/Business

ST. Alexius Medical Center                                           Weds. October 26th (A Day)                  Medical Fields

Advocate Good Shepard                                                Friday, October 28th (A Day)                Health and Fitness Careers



Cosley Zoo                                                                         Weds. November 2nd (B Day)              Veterinarian, Vet Tech

Jarosch Bakery                                                                 Thursday, November 3rd (A Day)       Pastry Chef/ Business

Lincolnshire Marriott                                                     Tuesday, November 8th (B Day)          Acting/ Directing/ Lights and Sound

Schaumburg Fire / Police                                              Weds. November 9th (A Day)                Fire / Police

Fashion Focus /Chicago History Museum                 Monday, November 14th (B Day)         Fashion Design

Motorwerks                                                                      Tuesday, November 15th (A Day)         Automotive Industry

AIE- Chemical Engineering / Harper College          Thursday, November 17 (A Day)            Engineering

Columbia College/ Music                                              Friday, November 18th(B Day)             Music Careers



Mario Tricoci University                                                Monday, December 5th (B Day)            Cosmetology

Cisco Union Apprenticeship School                            Thursday, December 8th (A Day)         Union Trades

Harper Cadaver Lab                                                        Monday, December 12th (A Day)          Medical Field


2nd Semester


Elementary Education                                                  Wednesday, January 25th (A Day)         Education

Career/Internship Exploration Fair                          Thursday, January 26th ( B Day)           Schaumburg Library, YMCA, Village, Park District



Motorola                                                                          Thursday, February 2nd (A Day)            Business, supply Chain, Procurement, Engineering

Law Day                                                                           Wednesday, February 8th (A Day)         Law, Judge, Court Reporter, Trial Consultant

Zurich Insurance                                                            Thursday, February 9th (B Day)             Insurance, Actuary

Forensics @ Fremd                                                        Thursday, February 16th (A Day)           Forensics, Criminal Justice

Stern Pinball                                                                    Wednesday, February 22nd (B Day)      Business

Harper Health Career Day                                            Friday, February 24th ( B Day)               Medical Field




Alexian Bros. Behavioral Health                                  Wednesday, March 1st (A Day)               Psychology, Art and Dance Therapy, Psychiatrist

Morningstar  (Cancelled due to weather!)                 Tuesday, March 14th (B Day)                 Finance, Software Engineer

Roosevelt Pharmacy                                                        Friday, March 17th (A Day)                    Pharmacy

K Cura                                                                                Monday, March 20th (B Day)                Software Engineer

Lou Malnati’s                                                                    Wednesday, March 22nd (B Day)         Culinary, Restaurant Management

Tasty Catering                                                                  Thursday, March 23rd (A Day)              Business, Culinary



Harper Graphics                                                              Friday, April 7th (A Day)                        Graphic Arts Programs

Internship Fair                                                                 Wednesday, April 12th (B Day)             Various Fields  (Jr. and Sr. only) 3:30 – 6:30PM

Arcon Architecture                                                          Thursday, April 13th (A Day)                 Architecture

Harper CTE Day                                                              Friday, April 28th (A Day)                      Harper Programs