College Reps at HEHS

College/University Reps visit HEHS in the College/Career Resource Center CRC, NOW located in the back of the Media Center

Two ways to sign up to see a college representative

 1. Locate “College Representative Visit Sign In Book” Blue Binder in the CRC and sign up for the college or university that you are interested in meeting with.  Please include email.  Take the pass if available, otherwise passes will be sent prior to meeting date.
2. Email Mrs. Bahnick,, with name of college and a request to meet with rep. A pass will be sent for you to attend meeting.

If no student signs up, cancellation of visit may occur.



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Tues, Sept 6,2:00PM,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,IL,April Ponte
Wed, Sept 7,9:15AM,Western Michigan University,MI,April Lynch
Wed, Sept 7,10:00AM,Missouri University of Science & Technology,MO,Rachel O’Connell
Wed, Sept 7,11:00AM,Indiana University Bloomington,IN,Emily Jackson
Wed, Sept 7,1:15PM,University of Alabama at Birmingham,AL,Sydni Williams
Thurs, Sept 8,2:00PM,University of Tennessee Knoxville,TN,Christian Brown
Fri, Sept 9,9:15AM,Northwestern University,IL,Chris Tokuhama
Fri, Sept 9,10:00AM,Colorado State University,CO,Tiffany Dallas
Fri, Sept 9,11:00AM,University of Rochester,NY,Kathleen Pipala
Mon, Sept 12,10:00AM,Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota,MN,Patrick Jacobsen
Tues, Sept 13,11:00AM,Northern Michigan University,MI,Alison Crowley
Tues, Sept 13,2:00PM,Knox College,IL,Donavon Hilligoss
Wed, Sept 14,8:00AM,University of Southern California,CA,Risa Tewksbury
Wed, Sept 14,9:15AM,Ball State University,IN,Mary Witherspoon
Wed, Sept 14,1:15PM,Truman State University,MO,Dillon Bittiker
Thurs, Sept 15,8:00AM,Concordia University Wisconsin,WI,Ashley Peichl
Thurs, Sept 15,9:15AM,University of Wisconsin-La Crosse,WI,Luke Thimmesch
Thurs, Sept 15,10:00AM,Marquette University,WI,Megan ORourke
Thurs, Sept 15,11:00AM,Rockford University,IL,Kelly O’Brien
Thurs, Sept 15,1:15PM,University of Chicago,IL,Marjie Bentley
Thurs, Sept 15,2:00PM,The University of Iowa ,IA,Annabelle Vinson
Fri, Sept 16,8:00AM,Johns Hopkins University,MD,Monique Hyppolite
Mon, Sept 19,8:00AM,Judson University,IL,Adam Westhauser
Mon, Sept 19,10:00AM,Northern Illinois University ,IL,Stephanie Luka
Tues, Sept 20,9:15AM,Western Illinois University,IL,Michael Dunker
Tues, Sept 20,10:00AM,University College Dublin,Ireland,Jim Pierson
Tues, Sept 20,2:00PM,Columbia College Chicago,IL,Marty Kane
Wed, Sept 21,9:15PM,St. Louis College of Pharmacy,MO,Terence Young
Wed, Sept 21,11:00AM,Benedictine University,IL,Jenna Lucio
Wed, Sept 21,1:15PM,Butler University,IN,Laura Schutt
Mon, Sept 26,9:15AM,Hofstra University,NY,Andrew Cavara
Mon, Sept 26,10:00AM,Northwest Suburban College,IL,Binish Qamaruddin
Mon, Sept 26,11:00AM,National Louis University,IL,Rachel Petchenik
Mon, Sept 26,1:15PM,Harper College,IL,Juanita Bassler
Tues, Sept 27,7:30AM,RIT/NTID – Institute for the Deaf,NY,DJ Monahan
Tues, Sept 27,9:15AM,Simpson College,IA,Beth McGinn
Tues, Sept 27,10:00AM,Wartburg College,IA,Kyle Vowell
Tues, Sept 27,2:00PM,Albion College,MI,Sarah Goldman
Wed, Sept 28,9:15AM,DePaul University,IL,Megan Hoinkes
Wed, Sept 28,10:00AM,IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis),IN,Caris Daily
Wed, Sept 28,11:00AM,Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology,IN,Dexter Jordan
Wed, Sept 28,1:15PM,Purdue University,IN,Mike Borovsky
Thurs, Sept 29,8:00AM,Monmouth College,IL,Brandon Meyer
Thurs, Sept 29,9:15AM,North Central College,IL,Ashley Dudich
Thurs, Sept 29,10:00AM,Robert Morris University Illinois,IL,Erin Ginn
Thurs, Sept 29,2:00PM,Vanderbilt University,TN,Kim Struglinski
Fri, Sept 30,8:00AM,University of Cincinnati,OH,Nate Bargar
Fri, Sept 30,9:15AM,Michigan Technological University,MI,Tara Brewer
Fri, Sept 30,10:00AM,Northeastern Illinois University,IL,Reshma Valiyapurayil
Fri, Sept 30,11:00AM,Dominican Univesity,IL,Glenn Hamilton
Mon, Oct 3,8:00AM,Illinois College,IL,Ziggy Blackwell
Mon, Oct 3,9:15AM,University of Nevada Las Vegas,NE,Jenna Heath
Mon, Oct 3,1:15PM,Quincy University,IL,Briddget Huck
Tues, Oct 4,9:15AM,Universtiy of Wisconsin – Green Bay,WI,Kayla Peterson
Tues, Oct 4,10:00AM,Syracuse University,NY,Robert Walton
Tues, Oct 4,2:00PM,Saint Louis University,MO,Kaylyn Stoll
Wed, Oct 5,8:00AM,Bradley University,IL,Melissa Brundidge
Wed, Oct 5,9:15AM,Gallaudet University – Washington D.C.,DC,Phil Epicott
Wed, Oct 5,10:00AM,Aurora University,IL,Luke Kerber
Wed, Oct 5,1:15PM,Quincy University,IL,Bridget Huck
Thurs, Oct 6,8:00AM,Luther College,IA,Michael Elliott
Thurs, Oct 6,9:15AM,Central Michigan Universtiy,MI,Amy Hauenstein
Thurs, Oct 6,11:00AM,University of Wisconsin-Madison,WI,Kate Beggs
Thurs, Oct 6,2:00PM,University of Arkansas,AR,Kimberly Clark
Fri, Oct 7,8:00AM,Azusa Pacific University,CA,Annely Salgado
Fri, Oct 7,9:15AM,Nova Southeastern University,FL,Denver Stickrod
Fri, Oct 7,10:00AM,Suffolk University,MA,Bob Cutler
Tues, Oct 11,9:15AM,Iowa State University,IA,Kelli Allen
Tues, Oct 11,10:00AM,DePauw University,IN,Zachary George
Tues, Oct 11,2:00PM,University of Kansas,KS,Chris Paradies
Wed, Oct 12,8:00AM,Kettering University,MI,Brian Catt
Wed, Oct 12,1:15PM,Eastern Illinois University,IL,Kathy McSherry
Thurs, Oct 13,8:00AM,Cornell College,IA,Jennifer Sloan
Thurs, Oct 13,9:15AM,Southern Illinois University Carbondale,IL,M. Faye Ikner
Thurs, Oct 13,2:00PM,University of Illinois at Springfield,IL,Aaron Boettcher
Fri, Oct 14,8:00AM,McKendree University,IL,Jordanne Even
Fri, Oct 14,9:15AM,University of Minnesota: Twin Cities,MN,Ralph Daby
Fri, Oct 14,10:00AM,Drake University,IA,Natalie Larson
Mon, Oct 17,9:15AM,Millikin University,IL,Kyle Taylor
Mon, Oct 17,10:00AM,Rockford University,IL,Kelly O’Brien
Mon, Oct 17,11:00AM,Augustana College,IL,Courtney Wallace
Mon, Oct 17,1:15PM,University of Wisconsin-Whitewater,WI,Jeremy Smith
Tues, Oct 18,9:15AM,Alverno College,WI,
Tues, Oct 18,10:00AM,Illinois Institute of Art,IL,Amber Licquin
Thurs, Oct 20,8:00AM,Wittenberg University,OH,Sam Stough
Thurs, Oct 20,9:15AM,Miami University,OH,Heather Chase
Thurs, Oct 20,10:00AM,Valparaiso University,IN,Mike Targonski
Thurs, Oct 20,11:00AM,Cardinal Stritch University,WI,Adrian Flores
Thurs, Oct 20,2:00PM,University of Wisconsin Oshkosh,WI,Drew Kopitzke
Fri, Oct 21,8:00AM,Northland College,WI,Kailagh O’Keefe
Fri, Oct 21,9:15AM,University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,WI,Liz Boyna
Fri, Oct 21,11:00AM,Michigan State University,MI,Sylvia Hernandez
Mon, Oct 24,8:00AM,Ohio Wesleyan University,OH,Jay Shamlin
Mon, Oct 24,10:00AM,Golden Apple Foundation,IL,Norma Dela Rosa
Mon, Oct 24,1:15PM,Chamberlain College of Nursing,,
Tues, Oct 25,9:15AM,Saint Mary’s College,MN,Rita Veron
Tues, Oct 25,10:00AM,The University of Alabama,AL,Bethany Floyd
Tues, Oct 25,2:00PM,Olivet College,IL,Jacob Henry
Wed, Oct 26,8:00AM,Elmhurst College,IL,Megan Wajda
Wed, Oct 26,10:00AM,University of Northern Iowa,IA,Jordan Bruess
Wed, Oct 26,11:00AM,Harper College,IL,Juanita Bassler
Wed, Oct 26,1:15PM,University of Arizona,AZ,Kenya Taylor
Thurs, Oct 27,8:00AM,American University,DC,Leah Baines
Thurs, Oct 27,2:00PM,Illinois Institute of Technology,IL,Callie Brown
Fri, Oct 28,8:00AM,Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University,IL,Ben Kenis
Fri, Oct 28,10:00AM,Amherst College,MA,Edgar Gonzalez
Mon, Oct 31,8:00AM,Winona State University,MN,Justin Huegel
Mon, Oct 31,1:15PM,University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC),IL,
Tues, Nov 1,9:15AM,Carthage College ,WI,Theo Powell
Tues, Nov 1,10:00AM,Concordia University Chicago,IL,Rosa Reiber
Tues, Nov 1,2:00PM,Southern Illinois University Edwardsville,IL,Robert Olivieri
Wed, Nov 2,8:00AM,Upper Iowa University,IA,Jay Roberts
Wed, Nov 2,11:00AM,Lawrence Technological University,MI,Emma Adebayo
Thur, Nov 3,11:00AM,Southern Illinois University,IL,
Mon, Nov 7,1:15PM,Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising,CA,
Tues, Nov 8,10:00AM,Missouri State University,MO,Libby Burger
Tues, Nov 8,2:00PM,Lincoln College,IL,Tara Dickson
Wed, Nov 9, 9:15AM,Illinois Wesleyan University,IL,Brandon Christol
Wed, Nov 9,1:15PM,Central College,IL,
Thurs, Nov 10,8:00AM,Loyola University Chicago,IL,Lindsy Fagerstrom
Thurs, Nov 10,10:00AM,Southeast Missouri State University,MO,Leshay Mathis
Fri, Nov 11,8:00AM,Gettysburg College,PA,Darryl Jones
Mon, Nov 14,11:00AM,University of South Alabama,AL,
Tues, Nov 15,2:00PM,Tribeca Flashpoint Academy,IL,Bred Statland
Wed, Nov 16,8:00AM,University of Nebraska,NE,
Wed, Nov 16,11:00AM,Johnson & Wales University,RI,Brittney McLawhorn
Mon, Nov 21,1:15PM,Rutgers University,NJ,
Tues, Nov 22,2:00PM,United States Naval Academy,MD,
Thur, Dec 08,8:15AM,Harper College,IL,