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SAT Prep Sessions Offered After School: October – December

All sessions will run from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Room 152 unless otherwise noted.
Bring a pencil!

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,Reading,Math-w/Calculator,Math-No Calcualtor,Writing & Language
Week #1,”Monday, Feb.13″,”Tuesday, Feb.14″,”Wednesday, Feb.15 (rm 157)”,”Thursday, Feb.16″
Week #2,”No School”,”Tuesday, Feb.21″,”Wednesday, Feb.22 (rm 157)”,”Thursday, Feb.23″
Week #3,”Monday, Feb.27 (rm 157)”,”Tuesday, Feb.28″,”Wednesday, Mar.1″,”Thursday, Mar.2″
Week #4,”Monday, Mar.6″,”Tuesday, Mar.7″,”Wednesday, Mar.8″,”Thursday, Mar.9″
Week #5,”Monday, Mar.13 (rm 157)”,”Tuesday, Mar.14″,”Wednesday, Mar.15″,”Thursday, Mar.16″
Week #6,”Monday, Mar.20 (rm 157)”,”Tuesday, Mat.21″,”Wednesday, Mar.22″,”Thursday, Mar.23″
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