Internet Safety

District 211 and Hoffman Estates High School are committed to educating its students in how to use technology appropriately. Hoffman Estates High School and the other schools in the District will continually create opportunities to present internet safety information to their students through various means, such as the Digital Citizenship Course for HEHS freshman and sophomore students.

12 Simple Lessons for Internet Safety

  • Always use an Internet “screen name”. Never reveal your real name, where you go to school,
    what your phone number is or where you live.
  • Always tell a parent or guardian if you receive ANY email, instant message, or chat that you find
    scary, upsetting or that makes you uncomfortable in any way.
  • Never respond to a threatening email or message. Instead, save that message to a special folder on
    your desktop so that an adult can take the appropriate action.
  • Never trade or post personal photographs in the mail or over the Internet. If you do post a
    personal picture on your personal blog or myspace account, make sure that the picture does not
    reveal any information in the background that might give an online predator a clue as to where
    you live or what school you go to.
  • Never agree to meet anyone in real life that you have met in a chat room or online.
  • Never tell anyone your password or login information.
  • Never accept any invitation go in a private chat room.
  • Don’t believe everything someone says online. People lie.
  • Never accept an “Instant Message” from a stranger or chat with a stranger online.
  • Never tell anyone how old you are.
  • If you make a new “friend” online, tell a parent or guardian, and introduce this new friend to your
    parent or guardian online.
  • Always get permission from a parent or guardian before using the computer.

* Source: PC Tattletale @


Each freshman will be required to complete a Digital Citizenship online course during semester two. The Digital Citizenship course is designed to help students learn to use technology appropriately and productively in the education setting.