Title 1

Title 1 is a federally funded program that serves students at Palatine High School, Hoffman Estates High School and District 211 North Campus who are in need of improving essential skill sets in reading and mathematics. The District 211 Title 1 Program began in 2010 and offers special instructional opportunities for designated students who need extra assistance to reach standards in those areas. District 211 operates Title 1 in partnership with the parents of these students.


    Title 1 and School Choice

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    Supplemental Education Services (SES)

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  • 64 students attended the RTC for reading intervention through Reading Plus.
  • These Title 1 students saw an average reading level gain of 1.64 grade.
  • Title 1 students enrolled in reading classes with Reading Plus gained between 1.5 – 5 grade levels.


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The difference Title 1 is making for kids

Jim Kelly

Title I gives students and adults a greater chance to work together towards success in Mathematics. These adults come in the form of teachers, teaching assistants, school support staff, as well as parents. The Title I program provides for appearances and presentations that invite only those who qualify for Title I assistance. Adult speakers that can come directly in the mathematics classroom and reach out to our students by providing first-hand account of math in the workplace proves to be tremendously valuable. Even more exciting is that the program has begun to incorporate parent involvement in education. These are the most important adults to our children. Presentations led by a Title I School Social Worker educate parents on the needs of students, the resources Title I provides beyond what their students have had access to in the past, and asks for parents to take a role in their childís education. Roundtable discussions help generate new ideas, care is provided for these families of Title I students, and specific examples of helping a child find success are given to parents who attend these presentations. The Title I support staff also leads by example in asking students to advocate for themselves, make it to school and class on time, and they provide support and a place to intervene when these things are not happening. Title I provides grant money that is used to purchase supplemental classroom materials, resources for teachers to use in the classroom, and materials that teachers can provide students who otherwise would not have them. Simply the multi-colored white board markers, in conjunction with the spiral notebook (each of which have been provided by the Title I grant), come together to make learning visible and colorful on the board, and permanent in a notebook for use outside of the classroom and in the home of our students. Most importantly, Title I provides adults in the form of Mathematics Teaching Assistants. These Teachers are able to help the students meet their critical learning standards by working directly with students in the classroom, and in remediation in the Mathematics Tutoring Center. Title I allows for adults from all different aspects of school, workplace, and home life come together to work towards student success. -Jim Kelly