Health Services

Dawn Leach – Certified School Nurse
Kimberly Shirahama- Nurse’s Secretary

Information regarding Pertussis
From the Cook County Department of Public Health

A student who is ill may obtain a pass from a teacher and go to the nurse’s office. If the student must be sent home, a parent, guardian or other responsible adult must give permission through the nurse’s office for the student to leave school. Please keep your emergency contact phone numbers updated. You can do this by contacting the nurse’s office at 847-755-5663. A student who is ill and absent from school due to a communicable disease must see the nurse before returning to classes. Some communicable diseases require a doctor’s release when the student returns to school.

No student who is ill may leave school without the permission of the nurse.

PE Excuses
If a student is unable to participate in a regular physical education class for more than three days the nurse must be given a medical excuse from a physician stating the nature and time limitation of the condition. A parent note is acceptable if the time out of class is three days or less.

Medications in Schools
Prescription and non-prescription medications will be given according to the High School District 211 medication policy. Signed authorization from the student’s physician and parent must be on file in the health services office. Forms are available through the nurse. The school nurse shall administer those medications that are necessary to maintain the student during school hours.

Medication must be brought to the school in the original package and given to the nurse. Medications will be stored in a secure area in the nurse’s office. At the end of the treatment regime, the parent will be responsible for removing any unused medication from the school. If not picked up by the end of the year, the school nurse will dispose of the medications. Township High School District 211 retains the right to reject requests for the administration of medication.

Communicable/Chronic Infectious Disease
Some communicable/chronic infectious diseases may pose potential health problems for students in the school district. A student known to have communicable/chronic infectious disease will be evaluated to determine if behavior or physical condition poses a risk to others. An appropriate educational program for the student will be determined by the Superintendent and his staff after consultation with a team consisting of a medical advisor, school nurse, school administrator, physician, and the student’s parents.

A student with a chronic infectious disease will be allowed to attend school in a regular classroom setting unless the evaluation determines the need to place specific limitations on attendance. A student will be excluded from school for the period in which there is high risk of transmitting the disease to other students or employees. The privacy of a student known to have a chronic infectious disease will be respected by maintaining confidential records in accordance with federal and state privacy laws.

Any school injury should be reported immediately to the teacher or supervisor. The student will be sent to the nurse for medical attention. If parents have purchased student accident insurance and need to make claim, they may ask the school nurse to send a copy of the accident report to them. Instructions for making a claim will be included with the report.

Homebound and Hospital Instruction
Home and hospital instruction is a short-term service for students who will be out of school more than 10 school days for medical reasons. A medical certification form signed by a physician must include a diagnosis and the length of absence and be submitted before homebound instruction begins. Requests for homebound instruction should be made through the student services director’s office.

Teen Pregnancy
High School District 211 is committed to eliminating barriers to the education of pregnant students. Pregnant students are encouraged to continue their education and are eligible for homebound instruction. Contact the school nurse at extension 5662 with any questions.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention
High School District 211 is aware of the potential for chemical abuse problems among adolescents. Hoffman Estates High School’s Student Intervention Team is a team of specially trained personnel, which provide prevention education and other services and programs for students affected by alcohol or drug use and abuse and their families. The goal of the team is to answer the students call for help before serious consequences occur.

Students or parents who want help in addressing this problem should call the Hoffman Estates High School guidance office and ask for the Student Assistance Program Counselor, Sabrina Braaten, ex 5644 or Dawn Leach RN, MPH, certified school nurse at ex 5662. The school may refer students and parents to outside agencies for help.

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