Poster Request

Teachers, please use this resource with care since the paper and ink for the poster printer is very expensive.

  • Print posters ONLY for academic purposes (This resource is NOT for printing student work)
  • Keep your text simple and preferably black
  • Use small graphics
  • If a small picture is used, make sure its resolution will print clearly
  • Submit the poster using the online poster printing request
  • Submit posters ONLY on our poster templates
  • Please allow a week to print your poster

Poster Templates

  • Each template is a blank PowerPoint slide that fits the poster dimensions.
  • To add text in different parts of the template, insert text boxes.
  • To add graphics or pictures, insert them as you world for a PowerPoint slide.
  • If you do not want the black line around the edge of your poster, indicate on the form that you would like it deleted.
  • If you need assistance, please come to Faculty Services

Large Landscape (34in x 22in)
Large Portrait (22in x 34in)
Small Landscape (22in x 17in)
Small Portrait (17in x 22in)

Poster Request Form

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