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Do you like to be with kids of any age? Do you have a lot of energy, creativity, and love to learn yourself? Think about the many different careers involved with educating future generations. Pre- school, El. Ed., High School, Special Ed., Psychology, Social worker, and Administrator are among the many choices in this exciting and rewarding field.

Health Care

Our growing and aging population demands more health care. This translates into explosive growth in home health care and clinical outpatient services.  Managed care and cost control efforts generated a host of new positions like physician assistants. Technological advances created entirely new jobs, such as sonographer and nuclear medical technologists. The careers and opportunities are endless in the health field.

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First Impressions

Did you know the first 60 seconds in an interview are the most important? Be sure you look your best and be on time!

High-Tech Electricians are Hot

The information and communication industry is taking off in a big way — and that means the demand for electricians with the right skills is growing, too.