SAT Practice Exam

SAT Practice Exam – February 5. Click here to sign up!

SAT Prep Sessions Offered After School: February – April

Bring a pencil!

SAT Prep After School Session Schedule (click to download)

Before school* During School# After School*
8 weeks: 01/23 – 03/22
 8 weeks: 01/23 – 03/22
(Half-hour during free block)
 6 weeks: 02/12 – 03/22
Tuesday (Reading, Writing & Language) & Thursday (Math) Mon, Tues (Reading, Writing & Language) & Wed, Thurs
Mon – Thurs
(subjects vary – see schedule)
  Only attend two days a week   
*Before and after school
in room 152 or 157
#During School is
in the RWC (room 147)
*Before and after school
in room 152 or 157

After School Schedule

  Writing & Language Reading Math-No Calcualtor Math-w/Calculator
Week #1 Monday, Feb.12 Tuesday, Feb.13 Wednesday, Feb.14 (rm 157) Thursday, Feb.15
Week #2 *Friday, Feb.23 Tuesday, Feb.20 Wednesday, Feb.21 (rm 157) Thursday, Feb.22
Week #3 Monday, Feb.26 (rm 157) Tuesday, Feb.27 Wednesday, Feb.28 Thursday, Mar.1
Week #4 Monday, Mar.5 &
*Friday, Mar.9
Tuesday, Mar.6 Wednesday, Mar.7 Thursday, Mar.8
Week #5 Monday, Mar.12 (rm 157) Tuesday, Mar.13 Wednesday, Mar.14 Thursday, Mar.15
Week #6 *Friday, Mar.23 (rm 157) Tuesday, Mar.20 Wednesday, Mar.21 Thursday, Mar.22

Conclusion Sessions: April 3 and April 5

Each of these after school conclusion sessions will review all sections of the SAT.

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