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Current HEHS Scholarships

Scholarship requirements are posted at the CRC in the Media Center

Applications and instructions for these scholarships are located at the CRC in the Media Center (Scholarship drawer), or click the name of the scholarship below for more information:


Name of Scholarship

Information Apply to:
AITCOY(Assoc. of Illinois Township Committees on Youth) TBA
Allience Scholars Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate students focused on STEM.
American Indian Graduate Center Scholarships for students that are American Indian and Native Alaskan graduate students
Amvets Scholarships 1-Mar-15
CareerOne Stop Scholarship Search Search tool sponsored by CareerOne Stop. Allows search by several key categories, as well as a keyword search. As a bonus, this site also has information on career preparation and development.
Center for Online Education A collection of scholarships for minority students.
College Board Scholarship Search A great scholarship engine that allows you to search by keyword or sponsor name. You can also customize your search by entering demographic information.
College Scholarships Scholarships for non-traditional Students
CollegeNet An interesting twist on the scholarship search. Your forum posts and interactions can help win you a scholarship! For more information, visit their site.
Barrington Bank & Trust Community Program TBA Information is available in the CRC, Media Center
Beta Sigma Psi Lutheran Scholarships TBA
Buick Achievers Scholarship Program TBA
Dean Ritter Trust for  the Deaf and Hard of Hearing TBA or application available in CRC, Media Center
Engineer Girl Scholarships of women going into or in engineering
FastWeb Similar to NerdScholar, this database has a large number of scholarships. Enter some information about yourself and your parents (clubs, occupations, etc.) to gain access to scholarship information. An email address is required, but there is no charge for this site.
Fueling the Minds of the Future TBA
GE-REAGAN FOUNDATION Scholarship Program
H.E.L.P. Scholarship Application Hoffman Estates Loyal Partners is offering ten $1,000 college scholarships. The scholarship is based on academic achievements, a written essay and extra-curricular activities both in and outside of school. Applications are due by April 3. H.E.L.P. Scholarship – Submit to CRC, Media Center
Hanover Park Foundations – Grow TBA
IIT International Scholarships, Grants, and Loans
Illinois Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
Illinois Society of Professional Engineers Download application @
Manufacturing as a Career Path Scholarship (if entering college Fall 2015) Applications available in the CRC, Media Center, or click this link: Manufacturing as a Career Path 2014 Scholarship Final
Medical Certification A list of scholarships geared specifically toward medical assisting certificate and degree programs, along with a customizable database of over 14,000 general scholarships.
Money Geek An easy way to find scholarships by deadline, major, and whether the scholarship is renewable or not
National Restaurant Association TBA
National Society of Professional Engineers NSPE is currently working to revitalize and improve its scholarship opportunities for engineering students. Please check back in late 2016 for deadlines and updated information for 2017 scholarships.
NerdScholar scholarship database A scholarship database that allows you to filter by a variety of factors. No email address required to obtain access or information. There is no charge for this service.
Nordstroms (for Juniors)
Northwestern University Fellowships for graduate students
Schaumburg PTA Scholarships Return to the CRC in the Media Center
Scholarship Experts Various scholarships that change monthly/yearly with different amounts of scholarship money awarded depending on the scholarship
Scholarship Monkey An easy way to find scholarships using a list, a personalized search, or a keyword 
Scholarships for Juniors
ScholarshipSoup Students can easily access scholarships by a variety of categories including major, college, state, race, athletics, activities, etc.
Sheriff’s Office of Cook County, Illinois
Tim Breslin Memorial TBA
Unigo Various scholarships that change monthly/yearly with different amounts of scholarship money awarded depending on the scholarship
University of Illinois -College of Medicine TBA Information is available in the CRC, Media Center
(Medal of Honor award) Applications available in the CRC, Media Center

Additional scholarship and financial aid information can be found at these sites:

Colleges and Universities in the United States of America (USA) by State/ Possession
College Answer
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Illinois Students Assistance Commission
Merit Scholarships & Midwest Exchange Info
Online Degrees, Financial Aid and Scholarships
US Colleges, Community Colleges, & Universities by State(by Region)
U.S. Department of Education
Veterans Benefits Administration – Education and Training

Dreamer’s Pathway to College
College Advising Guide
The Dream.US Scholarship Program
The Anhelo Project Dream Scholarship
Scholarships Open to Students Regardless of Immigration Status

General Awards for Minority Students
Scholarships for Minority Students

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