www.collegeboard.org – College Board Online:
Clearly the very best college information site on the internet. College Board’s Home Page identifies itself as the “…starting point for students, parents, counselors, admission staff, financial aid staff, high school and college faculty members and College Board members.” Utilizing their own College Handbook database, this site has the most complete data set for colleges and universities throughout the country. It offers the finest college search capabilities on the web, SAT online registration, CSS Profile registration, general college board testing information and a simple financial aid calculator.

www.collegeview.com – College View:
Lite version of the proprietary college info software, the web version contains some multimedia college tours, a searchable database and financial aid data. The College View interface scores high marks in ease of use and navigation. WebView multimedia presentation include text, graphics, audio clips, InfoZap ™ electronic mail, and hot links to colleges’ home page.

www.bls.gov/ooh/ – Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Career profiles for hundreds of occupations, including the job outlook and current salary data. Maintained by the Bureau of Labor Services, this useful compilation of job data is revised every other year.

www.petersons.com – Allows students to search for a university with a particular major.

www.number2.com – free ACT and SAT preparation

univsource.com/region.htm – US Colleges, Community Colleges, & Universities by State(by Region)

univsearch.com/state.php – Colleges and Universities in the United States of America (USA) by State/ Possession

www.studyguidezone.com – This site has developed a series of free study guides on a variety of standardized tests commonly utilized for admissions, licensing, and educational assessment. Their goal was to provide free study resources and study guides for those students to be adequately prepared for their examination. Their free study guides and study resources may each be viewed under their respective directories.

www.testu.com – free ACT and PSAT preparation
Directions for testu:
1. Click “new students click here”
2. Click on “No, I have never used TestGear before”; then Next
3. Universal code for ACT: 13741366; For PSAT: 13518988
4. Fill out the six information blanks, then Next
5. On the “You’re enrolled!” page, go to the bottom and click on “click here”
6. Click on “Enroll in another course” on the left side if you want to enroll for both test practices; otherwise, click on the highlighted “Brain Scan”
7. Brain Scan (green) will give the student a customized set of test prep activities; Skip Brain Scan (red) will get the student immediately to the practice materials.
8. Click on Smart Curriculum
9. Your Entire Curriculum tab will provide a systematic way of studying for the ACT, with labs, practorials, micro courses, and tests built in to each unit. The Course Library tab will simply list all the options available and students can pick and choose.
10. Full tests and practice tests can be taken either in a Test Mode or a Learner Mode. Test Mode will actually have a timer on the screen (maybe a bit distracting!) and you must finish each test. You can, however, pause between different parts (math to reading, for example) and resume. The Learner Mode lets a student work at his/her own pace, receive immediate feedback for an answer, or check a series of answers at any point by hitting Submit Answers.
11. Practorials are testtaking tips and tricks to help one master the test. MicroCourses offer on-screen review with explanations and sample items. Lab is very limited; featuring only a vocab lab at this point.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lists_of_universities_and_colleges_in_the_United_States – Wikipedia category listing of universities and colleges in the United States